See the list of sites we have visited so far--these are the images we can find for you. On the search form, select "web" and use the "Pick for me" button to cycle randomly through two hundred thousand of the 3 million images we scanned. The image urls are also in the zip file available here

You can download this file, and unzip and select any url listed. Bring that image into an editor, and select an area (rectangular, or whatever) which contains some irregular detail, because that tends to be more informative than bland regions. You can then save that area as a new file, or simply copy it to the clipboard.

Step 1. There are three ways to search with BigCat. Try either of these:


Press the "Choose File" button and select your disk file.


Paste an image url into the text region, or press "Pick For Me" button for a random image.


Click on the text that says "FireFox, Chrome, IE 11: use Ctrl-V", and press Ctrl-V.

Step 2. If you are using only part of the original image, clear the first check box.

Step 3. Now press the "Search" button, and wait for BigCat's answer.

(Have you seen our four minute video yet? It shows how everything works.)

If your image isn't found, there are a few things that may have gone wrong.
- The image was too big. We limit image uploads to 2 megabytes each, for now.
- The image needs more distinctive, jumbly or jagged areas for the search engine.
- If your image is not complete, be sure to clear the check box saying "This is all of the original image".
- If your image has been rescaled, be sure to clear that check box.
- Try pressing "Search" once more. Our server may need more than the 30 seconds to refill its cache.
- Try using a smaller copy of your image since smaller images have fewer pixels to search before timeout.
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